Top Tips on How to Hide Hair Loss

how-to-hide-hair-lossTop Tips on How to Hide Hair Loss

Hair loss affects both men and women, and some people feel embarrassed about their visibly thinning hair and seek out ways to conceal their hair loss.

While using hair loss concealers will not treat your thinning hair, they can give their users an instant confidence boost and so would be great to use alongside hair loss treatment and regrowth products for those that are concerned about their visible hair loss. You can check out our reviews of the top hair loss treatment and regrowth products available today.

There are numerous concealer products on the market to make your hair look fuller and thicker. We will look at some of the most popular in addition to other ways that you can maximise the coverage of your scalp.

Methods to conceal hair loss

1. Hair style. Your hair stylist may be able to assist you by recommending a particular hair style that will help to cover up your thin areas. Don't be afraid to ask because they will certainly be able to help in this regard.

2. Hair color. If you have thinning hair or even a tiny bald spot then dying your hair a lighter color will help create the illusion of scalp coverage since the white scalp is particularly visible against dark hair.

3. Hair concealer products. You can use hair concealer products which are available as sprays and fibres that are applied and bond to hair to give an instant thicker and fuller look. Typically you will choose the colour that matches your own hair colour when choosing such products. See Toppik reviews for one of the top products for the job.

There are also shampoos and supplements available which thicken the hair and in turn help with scalp coverage. We have written reviews on popular products that have received great feedback from their users. See our Nioxin side effects review, or check out our hair loss product reviews to find out more about other top products.

4. Hair piece or wig. This is a more traditional type of way to conceal hair loss, although there are many pros and cons to using a hair wig or hair piece. Unless applied properly they can often look unnatural and there is also the dreaded prospect of it coming off in public.

5. Hair transplant. You may opt to have a hair transplant to get more coverage. This involves a surgical procedure whereby hair follicles are taken from an area of the head which is impervious to balding and replanted in the bald areas. However, this is very expensive and you will often need multiple hair transplant operations to reach your desired coverage which in turn means more costs.

We hope you found this article useful. Check out our hair loss product reviews for some of the best hair loss treatment products.

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