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hairmax-lasercomb-reviewshairmax 4.5 starsThe HairMax LaserComb Review

Laser hair loss treatment is the more recent hair loss solution available today. It comes in the form of a device known as the HairMax Lasercomb, developed by Lexington International.

It is a treatment for thinning hair in both men and women. We have collated all the facts about the device in this comprehensive HairMax LaserComb review.

FDA Clearance

The HairMax LaserComb is the first drug-free treatment the FDA has ever cleared to fight baldness.

The FDA is the Food and Drug Administration, a strict agency in the United States responsible for the regulation of such products.

Other than Rogaine and Propecia, this is the only other product on the market that the FDA has ever given permission to be marketed for hair growth.

Clinical Evidence of HairMax Results

Numerous clinical studies have been conducted with many participants, which include highend FDA cleared labs to carry out the studies, and the results of the studies came out very posititve with 93% of the people seeing hairmax results, at around 19 hairs per centimetre increase in hair counts.

How Does Laser Hair Therapy Work?

The science behind low level laser therapy is that it increases the blood flow in the scalp through the process of Photo Bio-Stimulation, which in turn enhances the quality of existing and growing hair, while also revitalising dormant hair follicles.


How to use the HairMax LaserComb

The HairMax LaserComb is simple to use. You simply drag the comb slowly through the scalp in a combing motion, three times per week for 10-15 minutes and on doing so the device bathes the scalp with low level lasers.

Users have reported in their HairMax LaserComb reviews that they find it easy to use and some use it while watching TV, and find it quite relaxing and generally pleasant to use.

Where to Buy the HairMax LaserComb?

If you are looking to buy the HairMax LaserComb then you can get it directly from the manufacturer with the added benefit of:



Laser Comb Side Effects

Contrary to common knowledge, low level lasers have been used on the head for the past twenty years with no negative side effects at all. Furthermore, users have not reported any notable side effects in consumer HairMax reviews.

HairMax Results from Consumer HairMax Reviews

User feedback generally supports the effectiveness of the product with users commonly reporting in their HairMax LaserComb review that they experienced hairmax results in the form of increased hair fullness and thickness, controlled hair shedding, and hair regrowth. Users generally report seeing HairMax results after a few months.

HairMax LaserComb Limitations

If you are completely bald then the lasercomb will not be able to help unfortunately, and your only option in that case would be hair restoration surgery.

Although the product seems to work for most people, it does have a high price tag. However, it’s important to note that hair loss treatment is an on-going process and since this product requires a one-off purchase then it would actually work out cheaper in the long run when compared with other treatments that you need to purchase on an on-going basis. New FDA Cleared HairMax LaserComb Devices Available Now!

HairMax LaserComb Review Conclusion

Feedback from consumer HairMax reviews suggests that the HairMax results are generally very encouraging and so it seems like a great drug-free way to treat thinning hair. The product has also received FDA clearance which is big news as it confirms that it is a reputable product to use for hair loss.

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HairMax LaserComb Review Testimonials

What the Press Say in their HairMax reviews

Press HairMax Reviews 1: NBC Nightly News

“The device has been approved by the federal government, the FDA. They submitted data that shows that the laser light can actually cause some people to stop losing their hair and grow a little bit more.”

Press HairMax Reviews 2: CBS News

“HairMax was first FDA cleared for marketing to men with hereditary hair loss and it has now received the same clearance for women.”

What the Experts Say in their HairMax reviews

Expert HairMax Reviews 1: Dr. Craig L. Ziering (Hair Restoration Specialist – featured on The Doctors)

“It is a hand-held laser phototherapy device which delivers laser energy directly to the hair follicles, thus stimulating the growth phase. The light stimulates cell metabolism, and it also increases blood flow so that the cells can allow the hairs to grow thicker and fuller. There have been no adverse side effects reported with it at all.”

Expert HairMax Reviews 2: Dr. Holly Phillips (wcbs-tv medical correspondent – featured on Rachael Ray)

“There are really good clinical studies behind this where they have really studied it. It stimulates circulation in the scalp, so that new hair will grow, but it also causes cellular regeneration, where the cells turnover faster so the hair appears to be thicker.”

Expert HairMax Reviews 3: Dr. Alan Bauman (Hair Restoration Physician – featured on The Early Show)

“Laser therapy works with photochemistry, it is light energy that penetrates the scalp, and lasers can be used for wound healing and pain control, and we use lasers for hair loss and hair restoration.”

Expert HairMax Reviews 4: Dr. DJ Verret (Hair Loss Expert featured on KABB Fox 29)

“It transmits energy into the scalp which increases blood flow to the scalp and that causes hair to not fall out.”

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