Simple Ways to Thicken Your Hair

simple-ways-to-thicken-your-hairSimple Ways to Thicken Your Hair

Outlined below are a few simple ways that you can make your hair look thicker and fuller.

Styling your hair without a brush

When you repeatedly brush the hair it can look flat as a result and so a neat little trick would be to try styling your hair with your finger tips to give it the appearance of more volume.

Quit smoking

Studies have shown that smoking can actually make hair loss worse because it increases DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) levels within the hair follicles, which is the hormone that causes hair loss. Smoking also restricts nutrients from reaching the hair follicles.

Use volumizing products

There are a number of sprays and shampoos available that can give your hair more volume through the special thickening agents that they contain. Nioxin Shampoo is a popular choice amongst consumers; you can read more about it in our Nioxin side effects review.

Wash your hair

A common misconception is that the more you wash your hair the more it will fall out. This is incorrect. In fact when you wash your hair it will actually appear thicker because oily hair lies flat and so more scalp is visible. Therefore washing your hair regularly with warm water to keep it clean will maximize its appearance.

Don’t use hair gel or wax

If you have thinning hair it is a bad idea to use hair wax or hair gel as it makes the hair look thin. Volumizing hair mousse is a better option. However, when using products like this you really want to keep your hair clean by washing it regularly because they can clog the hair follicles.

Use a hair drier

Using a hair drier on a moderate heat is another simple way to give your hair more volume. However, be careful not to overdo it with the heat otherwise you can damage your hair and make it brittle.

Use sun cream

When your scalp is exposed to the sun on a very hot day it becomes more brittle and sunburn on the scalp  can actually change the growth cycle of the hair follicles from the growing phase to the shedding phase.

Eat soy foods

Research suggests that when soya is consumed our body produces a molecule which can help with hair loss as it blocks DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) , the hormone responsible for causing hair loss. It has been suggested that this could be why Japanese men have much lower rates of androgenic alopecia because they consume high levels of soy as part of their diet.

Check out our hair loss product reviews for some of the top hair loss treatment and hair regrowth products. A hot product at the moment is the HairMax LaserComb.

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