The Best Hair Products for Men with Thinning Hair

the-best-hair-products-for-men-with-thinning-hairThe Best Hair Products for Men with Thinning Hair

Men as young as 18 years old can be affected by hair loss. Some statistics show that about a quarter of men start to experience hair loss in their thirties, and about half experience hair loss in their forties. In their sixties, roughly just under three quarters of men have notable signs of hair loss. However, there are things you can do to fight hair loss and the earlier you start the better.

New breakthroughs are always in the pipeline for the treatment of hair loss, and although this is all well and good, most people are not content to wait around for these while their hair continues to fall. There are certainly products on the market that are FDA approved to regrow hair which include Rogaine Foam and the HairMax LaserComb. We have reviewed the most popular and most effective ones based on customer feedback. Take a look at our hair loss product reviews for some of the top hair loss treatment and hair regrowth products on the market today.

We have outlined below a few steps that you can take to camouflage your thinning hair while you treat it with hair loss treatment products.

How to style thin hair

Use a good barber. Good hair stylists can mask thin hair by employing various different techniques of cutting depending on the degree of hair loss.

Use a concealer. If your hair loss is in the early stages, then hair loss concealers such as Toppik may be used to mask the thin areas through the use of microfibers. These come in a range of different colours so that they blend in with your hair and are visibly undetectable. They give the effect of greater weight and volume for the end user and bind to each hair strand by electrostatic charge. It is easy to apply, you simply shake the product onto the thin area and blend it in, and then you can use spray to hold it firmly in place until you wash it out.

Keep your hair short. It is a good idea to keep your hair short to give the illusion of thicker hair. Comb overs are a no no.

Check out or hair loss product reviews for some of the top hair loss treatment and hair regrowth products.

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