The Best Treatment for Hair Loss in Women

the-best-treatment-for-hair-loss-in-womenThe Best Treatment for Hair Loss in Women

Baldness in men is well known, however hair loss in women can be very devastating psychologically. Hair loss in women is actually not as uncommon as one may think, and in fact one in every four women will experience hair loss in their life time – in the USA 30 million women are affected.

The features of hair loss in women is very different to that of men. Men typically experience thinning at the temples and/or the crown, whereas in women the frontal hairline is typically preserved and the hair density will reduce on the whole scalp area.

Women may experience hair loss for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons could be due to genetics, i.e. female pattern hair loss. Another reason that women experience hair loss is due to hormone imbalances which can occur due to pregnancy, menopause, or the use of birth control pills, to name a few.

Medical conditions such as anemia or thyroid disorders can also cause hair loss, as well as the use of some medications.

How Much Hair Do You Lose a Day?

Although there is no exact number, it is commonly thought that it is normal to lose around an average of 100 strands of hair per day.

An early sign of hair loss that people typically notice is that they see a higher than usual amount of hair in their brush after combing their hair. Another sign of hair loss that people often notice is that they will see a lot more hair that usual in the bathtub after they wash their hair.

What are the Best Products for Hair Loss in Women?

As is the case with male hair loss, there are a number of treatment products available for hair loss in women. There have been a number of different medications which have been shown to reduce hair thinning, help to regrow new hair, and thicken existing hair which in turn provides better coverage.

Some treatments are applied as a topical treatment, either by being massaged into the scalp or sprayed on. Others are taken orally in the form of supplements or pills.

The most common product that is well known to be effective in treating hair loss and helping to regrow hair is Rogaine for women. Another product that has recently emerged is the HairMax LaserComb which uses low-level laser technology to boost blood supply on the scalp which stimulates the follicles for growth and thickness. These products have been approved and cleared by the FDA, a strict agency in the USA responsible for regulating products of this nature to ensure that they are effective and safe to use for their intended purpose.

Check out our hair loss product reviews for some of the best hair loss treatment products available for men and women.

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