Top 5 Hair Loss Myths Uncovered

top-5-hair-loss-myths-uncoveredTop 5 Hair Loss Myths Uncovered

There are many myths floating about when it comes to the causes of hair loss, so in this article we are going to look at and discuss the most common ones.

Is baldness inherited from mothers side of the family?

One common thought is that hair loss is due to genetics derived from your mother’s side of the family. This is not true. Hair loss has been shown to be a multi-factorial and is due to many different genes. So it is not accurate to simply look at your mother’s side of the family when determining whether or not you will experience genetic hair loss.

Does washing your hair make it grow faster?

Another myth floating around is that people think that shampooing your hair regularly can result in hair loss. Shampooing frequently does not effect hair growth.

Does dying your hair make it fall out?

Some people believe that colouring your hair can cause hair loss. There is an element of truth in this. The chemicals in typical hair colouring products can damage the hair follicles when applied inaccurately and can therefore cause hair loss in this case. For example, this may be the case when hair colouring products are applied at home by amateurs. However, if hair colouring is done by a qualified professional, then damage will only be done to the hair shaft which is essentially already dead, and will not affect the hair follicle or hair growth.

Does wearing a hat cause baldness?

It is also commonly thought that if you wear hats regularly then you can experience hair loss because you are restricting oxygen to the hair which is essential for growth. This is typically not true since oxygen is fed to the hair through the bloodstream. However, wearing very tight hats such as those worn for religious reasons can overtime cause some hair loss around the edges where the hat is worn due to the constant pulling force on the hair.

Does brushing your hair make it grow faster?

Some also think that using a hair brush instead of a comb may cause hair loss. This is not true, but you should be careful when dealing with knotted hair because if you pull through the knots then this can pull the hair out and scar the hair follicle in the process which can cause hair loss.

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