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What are HairMax Hair Fibers?

HairMax Hair Fibers are a hair building fiber product for men and women and is used for building thickness in thinning areas of your hair. It is made of pure carotene protein, which is the same material hair is made from.

The fibers are charged with a precise level of electrostatic energy which creates the maximum magnetic attraction to your hair. The product involves no harmful chemicals or additives at all.

The user feedback for this product is overwhelmingly positive.

How to use HairMax Hair Fibers?

HairMax Hair Fibers are applied to thinning areas of the hair to give it a thick and natural look. The hair fibres are practically identical to human hair and are undetectable, even up close.

To use the product you simply shake it on the thinning areas for an instant thickened look. The colour-matched fibres then bond to your existing hair and you can brush and style it. The hair fibers are magnetized with static electricity and intertwine with your hair and bond so well that they stay in place throughout the day and night. They are said to stay in place even in wind, rain or perspiration. Some users have reported in their HairMax Hair Fiber reviews using hair spray also to give it a firmer hold.

HairMax Hair Fibers Before and After

Women and men suffering from thinning hair produce increasingly fine hairs which continue to reduce in size until the hair follicle eventually becomes dormant and stops producing hair.

HairMax Hair Fibers Side Effects?

Some users have reported HairMax Hair Fibers staying in place for up to three days before they have shampooed it out and reapplied. The product does not come off on your clothes or pillow, and you need to use shampoo to completely remove it.

It is also compatible with all hair products, however you must put them on and let them dry before applying HairMax Hair Fibers. If you use hair mousse, gel, hairdryers, etc. after you apply HairMax Hair Fibers then the fibres can become misplaced which would expose the covered areas. Hairspray is the only hair product you can use after applying HairMax Hair Fibers, and will help to lock the fibers to your hair.

If you apply HairMax Hair Fibers to wet hair then the fibers will not bond to the hair. You need to make sure that your hair is completely dry before using the product.

Users have said it is quick and easy to apply, looks natural and is a fairly cheap way to boost their self-confidence. Users have also not reported any HairMax Hair Fibers side effects in their reviews.

HairMax Hair Fiber Limitations

Although users have praised the product in their reviews, it works best for thinning areas and may not be as effective for large bald spot as the fibres do need some hair to hold on to. However, as you will see from the video below, the product really can do wonders.

Even though the product stays in place until you wash it out, you cannot go swimming with HairMax Hair Fibers in your hair and expect it to stay in place.

The product does not treat hair loss, however it would be great to use to cover up the thin areas on the scalp while using other hair loss treatment products such as the hairmax lasercomb. It can be used for everyday use, or it would be perfect for those specials occasions where you don't want your thinning hair being visible in photos for example.

HairMax Hair Fiber Reviews Conclusion

Although HairMax Hair Fibers do not treat thinning hair, users have reported in their reviews that it does wonders for their self-esteem. Therefore for those that are concerned about their visibly thinning hair, this would be a great product to use on its own or alongside hair loss treatment products, whether it be for everyday use or just for a special occasion.

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HairMax Hair Fibers Testimonials

What Customers Say

Consumer Review 1: Michael B.

“I have used this stuff for about a year now and it works great. I highly recommend this! A little bit goes a long way.”

Consumer Review 2: Sheila D.

“This stuff works great, is easy to use and reasonably priced.”

Consumer Review 3: Garcia E.

“This product gives me so much confidence when I go out. It does a great job of covering up thin areas. I highly recommend it.”

Consumer Review 4: Danielle

“Has really built my confidence and allows me to face my coworkers and outside life will high self esteem! Great product!

Consumer Review 5: DK

“It covered well and I was happy with it..”

Consumer Review 6: jdawg

“Great product color is perfect match. The fibers are very fine and wont clump like the other products.”

Consumer Review 7: teenahjo

“This is amazing. I look much younger, it looks natural and I will use it for life.”

Consumer Review 8: Layla

“This is fantastic for building thickness in a thin area on your head.”

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