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Common questions asked are does Nioxin work for thinning hair and are there any Nioxin side effects? These are covered in this Nioxin review below.

What is Nioxin

Nioxin products are mainly found in professional hair salons such as Regis Hair Salons in the United States. They are most commonly marketed at people with thinning hair or hair loss problems. Nioxin’s product range includes scalp cleansers, conditioners and treatment systems.

How does Nioxin Work

Nioxin scalp treatments contain botanicals and antioxidants which act to thicken the hair strands, while the Nioxin Scalp Therapy conditioners contribute to hair resilience and controlling moisture balance. Nioxin Cleansers help to unclog hair follicles and hence provide a healthy environment on the scalp for follicle growth. Finally, the Nioxin Hair Booster acts to boost areas of visibly thinning hair.

Where to buy Nioxin

Many people wonder where can i buy Nioxin? Nioxin products are mainly found in professional hair salons, however there are Nioxin retailers online where you can buy Nioxin products. We have sourced the best place that has Nioxin for sale. See buttons within this Nioxin review.

Side Effects of Nioxin

Users generally do not report experiencing any Nioxin side effects in their Nioxin reviews. As with most products of this nature, those with sensitive scalps may experience some Nioxin side effects in the form of minor skin irritation.

Nioxin Results: Does Nioxin work for Hair Loss?

Nioxin users commonly agree that the product is effective and provides great value for money as the bottles are huge. Some people that buy Nioxin have mentioned using it alongside with hair loss treatment products like the HairMax LaserComb with excellent results.


Both female and male users of Nioxin for thinning hair have reported encouraging feedback about their Nioxin before and after results. Some of the things users have mentioned experiencing include: improved look and feel of hair; fuller, thicker and stronger looking hair with better scalp coverage; controlled itchiness and flaking of the scalp; controlled hair shedding and in some cases even some hair regrowth in thin areas.

Nioxin Limitations

Although Nioxin products have been developed to provide those with thinning hair with fuller, denser-looking hair, it has not been mentioned that they can actually stop hair loss or regrow hair. Nevertheless, some users have reported experiencing some hair regrowth with thinning areas filling in after using Nioxin, and less hair shedding is commonly reported also.

Nioxin Side Effects Review Conclusion

Feedback from Nioxin users is very encouraging, and the fact that large reputable hair salons are willing to stock the product is also encouraging.

The Nioxin ingredients will feed the hair follicles with nutrients to maximize their strength and condition and so it could indeed help to slow down hair shedding. Some users have reported hair regrowth while using Nioxin, and while the product does not claim to be able to stop hair loss or regrow hair, it has been designed to help thinning hair become fuller and denser-looking and so existing thin hairs will become fuller and thicker providing better scalp coverage and this could give the appearance of hair regrowth.

While Nioxin alone will not regrow your hair or stop your hair loss completely, for those with thinning hair that want to achieve thicker and fuller hair, it seems like a great shampoo product to use alongside hair loss treatment products.

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Nioxin Review Testimonials

What the Experts Say

Expert Nioxin Review: Candace Corey (Beauty Expert featured on KCAL 9 News)

“My suggestion for those with thinning hair is Nioxin. Nioxin is the number one stylist product for thinning hair. The great thing about it is it has three different parts; it has a cleanser, a scalp treatment and also a scalp therapy. It is designed to almost be like a facial for the scalp and what it does is a lot of the time the hair follicle gets clogged so it cleans it out and increases circulation in the scalp and then helps the hair become a lot thicker and it gives hair a denser appearance.”

What Customers Say

Consumer Nioxin Review 1: S. Taylor

“I've been using Nioxin for about 6 weeks, and my normally very fine hair looks and feels thicker.”

Consumer Nioxin Review 2: m. stack

“My hair is noticeably thicker and lighter with more bounce.”

Consumer Nioxin Review 3: K. Edwards

“I bought this for my boyfriend who has thinning hair at his crown. After around two months his balding area was less noticeable.” 

Consumer Nioxin Review 4: Cknoble1

“I am seeing new baby hair starting to grow in the areas where it was thinning.”

Consumer Nioxin Review 5: luckycoin

“Since using Nioxin I have lost less hair.”

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