iGrow Laser Reviews

igrow reviews 5 starsigrow-laser-reviewsiGrow Laser Reviews

The iGrow is a hands-free low level laser hair regrowth helmet that hit the market recently. Let's take a look at what the consumers are saying in their iGrow laser reviews.


What Is The iGrow Laser?

The iGrow is a drug-free hair loss treatment available for both women and men.

It is a hands-free low-level laser therapy helmet that helps to reinvigorate thinning hair follicles for maximum hair growth.

How Do You Use The iGrow?

To get your treatment with the iGrow laser you simply need to wear the helmet for 20 minutes, three times per week. There are a number of different treatment modes that you can choose from depending on your gender and degree of hair loss.

The iGrow laser also allows you to connect your iPod, iPhone or MP3 player to the helmet if you want to listen to music while getting the treatment. When you are wearing the helmet it will beep to let you know when the 20 minutes is up.

iGrow Before and After Pictures

igrow before and afterHere are some of the iGrow before and after pictures for both men and women using the iGrow laser for 4 months.

Low-level laser therapy used in the iGrow has been around for a long time now and there have been no reported side effects at all.

iGrow Laser Key Features:

  • 20 minute treatment time
  • 100% hands-free
  • No side effects
  • Suitable for Women and Men
  • Clinically-proven

iGrow Laser Limitations:

  • Works best on thinning hair, and won't work for those that are completely bald.
  • High price tag $695, however it is a one-off purchase unlike hair loss medications and topicals that require repeat purchases.

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iGrow Laser Results & Conclusion

Low level laser therapy is a clinically proven treatment. It has been used in the doctors office for more than a decade now and the first studies started way back in the 1960s. There is a great deal of research and clinical evidence that low level laser therapy stimulates hair growth.

It is said to work is by promoting circulation and cellular regeneration in the scalp which in turn means new hair can grow longer, thicker and healthier.

The ideal patients for low-level laser therapy with the iGrow are women and men with hair loss or thinning hair, plus those with damaged hair from using hair products are also said to benefit from using the iGrow.


iGrow in the Press

The American Health Journal: Dr. Lorrie Klein

“I have been using low-level laser therapy to treat patients hair loss for several years now in my office, it has been very successful. Now we have the iGrow which is much easier for patients as they can take it home and have the privacy and convenience of being able to use it whenever they want. That was the one issue that they had to come into my office before, but now they don't.”

CBS 2 News: Kym Gable

“New studies have shown that most men and women prone to hair thinning will benefit from laser therapy. The technology can rejuvenate sparse thinning hair, and this can be done in a clinic setting and now in the privacy of your own home with a laser helmet called the iGrow”

The American Health Journal: Gavin Tucker (Apira Science)

Low level laser therapy has been proven successful in doctors' offices worldwide for over a decade and what is great about the iGrow is that it brings that technology to home for the client now. The iGrow gives the client the same consistent overall scalp coverage as you would receive in the doctor's office with the clinic based technology.”

What are iGrow Users Saying?

Shirley Pelter (iGrow Patient on The American Journal)

“I feel good about my hair, it looks amazing I get complements all the time by men and women. I always mention this when I can, especially when it is someone that has thinning hair, especially women because for women it is a lot more devastating.”

Shelley Sasaki (iGrow user on CBS 2 News)

“I plug in my iPod right here, and it has got great earphones. Sometimes I listen to music, I read or go on the computer. The lasers you would think would be warm but no, I don't feel anything. It seems like my hair is growing faster by twofold, I just enjoy looking better, it makes me feel better about myself. My hair was definitely a lot thinner, sparser than it is now.”