Rogaine for Women Reviews

rogaine for women reviews4 starsRogaine for Women Reviews

Rogaine for women reviews – Does Rogaine for women work? Rogaine for women is another product that we have chosen to review based on the positive user feedback for the men’s version called Rogaine for men.

What is Rogaine for Women?

Rogaine for women, sometimes misspelled as Rogain for women, is a hair regrowth treatment for women suffering from thinning hair. The product is FDA approved, and many users have reported success with its use in stabilising hair loss and regrowing hair.

How does Rogaine for women work?

Rogaine for women contains 2% Minoxidil, the active ingredient which stimulates hair follicles and regrows hair. Minoxidil makes the follicles wider which reinvigorates shrunken hair follicles and makes them larger over time so the hair grows thicker with more coverage.


Clinical Evidence

In a clinical study carried out over a period of 48 weeks with a sample size of over 300 women that suffer from hair loss, more than half of those applying Rogaine for Women twice daily on their scalp experienced hair regrowth with better coverage. Other studies also confirm the effectiveness of Rogaine.

FDA Approval

Rogaine for Women contains minoxidil, which is the first and only FDA approved ingredient that is clinically proven and well known to regrow hair in women. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a body that regulates pharmaceutical products and is responsible for protecting and promoting public health.

How to use Rogaine for Women

In many Rogaine for women reviews, users have said that the product is very simple and easy to use. You simply apply it to the affected areas and it does the rest of the work. Once you have used it for a few days, users have said it becomes a natural part of your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth.

The liquid itself has the consistency of water and should not affect your hairstyle at all. You can follow your normal hair care routine after you apply it. The best time to apply Rogaine would be just after you have washed your hair, once it has been at least towel dried.

Before applying any styling products to your hair you should wait for Rogaine to dry which doesn't take much time. However, if you prefer to not let your hair dry naturally then you can blow dry your hair on a low-to-medium setting after applying Rogaine for women. It can also be used on permed and color treated hair.

Rogaine for women Side Effects

As with most medicines there are possible side effects, however they are typically mild and don’t affect everybody. The most common Rogaine for women side effects reported is some dryness or itchiness on the scalp in the beginning. However, some users mention using a moisturising shampoo to overcome this minor inconvenience. Some report using Nioxin shampoo.

Rogaine for women Results

Does Rogaine for women work? Women using this product have reported experiencing reduced and stabilised hair loss, and hair regrowth in the thinned areas. Results of clinical testing also support this and it has even been FDA approved as a hair loss treatment for women.

However, just like with any other drug, the results will vary from one person to the next. Rogaine is unlikely to be able to help anyone that is completely bald. The earlier you start treating your thinning hair the better potential for results there will be.

Rogaine for women Limitations

Users have reported encouraging levels of success in their Rogaine for women reviews. However, it does take some time before you get notable results as hair regrowth is not something that will happen overnight so you really do need to be patient and persevere. Most users report seeing results within a few months, although some notice results sooner.

Rogaine for Women Reviews Conclusion

User feedback from Rogaine for women reviews is generally very positive. It is also clinically proven to regrow hair and is an FDA approved treatment for hair loss in women.

Rogaine is a reputable brand and widely known in the hair loss industry for its effectiveness in treating hair loss. Women with thinning hair should definitely consider it if they are looking for an effective and clinically proven way to treat their hair loss.

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Women's Rogaine Reviews Testimonials

What the Experts Say

Dr. DJ Verret (Hair Loss Expert featured on KABB Fox 29)

“Women are another very large group, a lot of women don't talk about it and it is not really advertised to women. But there are actually several options for treatment. The first thing is, your mother was right take your vitamins, hair is actually very metabolically active so you have got to feed it. If it starts to thin then think about Rogaine. Rogaine may regrow hair, but the big thing is it can slow or stop the hair loss, and that is key.”

Dr. Alan Bauman (Hair Restoration Physician featured on The Early Show)

“It is the first line of treatment for women, and it was the first FDA approved drug for hair loss. It does work, we are talking about prevention here mainly; 70% of guys are going to get a good response from the medication if they use it consistently. Most people give up the preventative treatments before they see the results from them, so you have got to give it months, maybe 6 months if you are looking in the mirror. It takes a lot of time to see results and you have got to be monitoring it carefully.”

What Customers Say

Consumer Women's Rogaine Reviews 1: Jhumant

“I have been using Rogaine for about 1 year, it is working me for. My hair was very thin in the front area, and after using Rogaine I can see small hairs of regrowth. So it is working perfectly for me. I have been using this for one year, you will see results after a period of time so you have to be patient. I am happy with Rogaine.”

Consumer Women's Rogaine Reviews 2: Juanita M. Richardson

“I was willing to give Regaine a try to see if it helped my hair grow. I purchased it and after about 1 month I could see improvement in hair growth. Hair is growing in thin areas and it is building up nicely.”

Consumer Women's Rogaine Reviews 3: Vandoula

“I have used Rogaine for several years and I have not seen any side effects. It has helped a lot for hair regrowth. I encourage you to try it.”

Consumer Women's Rogaine Reviews 4: pilar

“I used this product over the last year. Within a month of using this product I started to get fuzz, then real hair. Hair grows in stages so be patient. No side effects for me. Very pleased.”

Consumer Women's Rogaine Reviews 5: katerine75

“I am only in the first month of use, but the hair loss has reduced and I can see hair regrowth.”

Consumer Women's Rogaine Reviews 6: Cinci L.

“I started using it over a year ago. Over the last year my hair is much fuller than before. It doesn't interfere with the look of my hairstyle.”

Consumer Women's Rogaine Reviews 7: Lianne

“Been using Rogain for women for around 4 months. I've noticed hair growing back. My male friend's bald spot has almost grown in and it's taken around a year. You have to be positive and patient while using it.” 

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