New Cure for Baldness Found Really?

Is There a Cure for Baldness?

Recently there have been new scientific innovations and breakthroughs which give hope to those that not only are experiencing thinning hair, but also for those that are already bald.

PGD2 Cure for Baldness?

new-cure-for-baldness-found-maybeUS scientists have recently found that an enzyme known as prostaglandin D2 or PGD2 is responsible for telling hair follicles to stop growing hair!

Researchers carried out tests on men suffering from hair loss and found that levels of PGD2 were more than twice as high in thinning areas of their scalps than it was in areas of their heads that we not thinning.

They speculate that by finding a way to inhibit PGD2 in the scalp will result in longer and healthier growing hairs. It has also been suggested that it could potentially not only be used to stop thinning hair, but also to regrow hair for people with large bald spots or even those that are completely bald.

A topical lotion could be in the works that would tackle PGD2 in the scalp to halt shrinking hair follicles.

Stem Cell Cure for Baldness?

when-will-there-be-a-cure-for-baldnessPGD2 is not the only glimmer of hope emerging recently, Japanese scientists have recently managed to grow a patch of new hair on the back of a bald mouse using stem cells!

They used the stem cells from a male candidate to make hair follicles that were inserted into the mouse and these later started producing hair!

This really does open up huge potential for use on people. Not only does it potentially allow you to use a greater number of hair follicles during transplantation, there is also the possibility that the hair grown from this method will match the patient's original hair color, so gray hair could be a thing of the past soon too!

Of course there is a great deal of work and testing to be done before any of this may be finalized, however it still gives a glimmer of hope to those of us with ever shrinking hair follicles!

Of course it is unlikely that this will come cheap, we all know how much hair transplants cost, and this is unlikely to be any cheaper.

So when will there be a cure for baldness?

Scientists believe that within the next decade baldness could be a thing of the past in light of new innovations in science.

Although at this point in time there isn't a cure for baldness, fortunately, until that day comes we can hang on to what we have using some of the well-known effective and clinically proven home solution hair loss products available today. Check out our hair loss product reviews for more details.

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