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Does Rogaine foam work? We have researched existing user feedback from Rogaine foam reviews and have outlined all the important points below so that you can decide if you think this product is for you.

Rogaine Foam for Men

Rogaine foam for men, sometimes misspelled as Rogain foam, is a treatment for male pattern baldness. It is an FDA approved hair loss treatment and many users support the effectiveness of this product in their Rogaine Foam reviews with stabilised hair loss and hair regrowth being commonly reported.

The product is strictly for men, and although there currently is no Rogaine foam for women, there is a liquid version available for women called Rogaine for women.

FDA Approval

Rogaine Foam is the first foam which is approved by the FDA to regrow hair. FDA approval is an important thing to take note of because the FDA (the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) regulates pharmaceuticals and it is responsible for promoting and protecting public health.

Clinical Evidence

During a 4 month clinical study, nearly 9 out of 10 men saw hair regrowth that was visually thicker after applying Rogain Foam twice a day.

Improvements were observed in both the vertex area of the scalp and the frontal area of the scalp.

Rogaine Foam vs Liquid

Rogaine Foam for men is a new version of the existing men's Rogaine extra strength, the only notable difference being that it is a foam solution instead of a liquid which some users find more convenient and easier to apply.

Rogaine foam contains 5% minoxidil as a set amount, whereas Rogaine for men (liquid version) is available in the standard strength of 2% minoxidil, or the extra strength version of 5% minoxidil.

How does Rogaine Foam Work?

Rogaine foam works by stimulating hair follicle growth which prevents hair loss and regrows hair. The active ingredient Minoxidil produces this effect by making the hair follicles in the affected area bigger so they produce thicker hair overtime.

How to Apply Rogaine Foam

In terms of application, users have said in their Rogaine Foam reviews that it is easy to work into your daily routine and is applied, looks and feels much like regular hair mousse.

You simply apply the foam to the hair by massaging it into your scalp throughout the hair loss area. It goes on easily and dries quickly. You can follow your normal hair care routine and once it is dry you can apply your styling products.

You need to use the product twice daily, and continued use is necessary to maintain the hair regrowth and prevent additional hair loss.

Rogaine Foam Side Effects

As with all medicines, there are possible Rogaine foam side effects but they don’t affect everyone and are typically mild. The most commonly reported side effect is a dry scalp, so it would be wise to use a moisturising shampoo in this case. Some users supplement with Nioxin shampoo.

Rogaine Foam Results: Does Rogaine foam work?

The general consensus from Rogaine Foam reviews is that the product is very effective for treating hair loss and regrowing hair. Users typically report experiencing stabilized hair loss, controlled hair shedding, and hair regrowth while using Rogaine Foam. Clinical studies also support this with it being shown to be able to stabilise hair loss in 85% of men.

Results will vary from one individual to the next just as with any other drug, so even though it is scientifically proven to work, it may not necessarily work for everyone. If you are completely bald, or have lost most of your hair, then Rogaine Foam is unlikely to do anything for you. It is therefore very important to start treating your hair loss as soon as possible so that you can maximize your chances for results.

Rogaine Foam Limitations

Even though Rogaine Foam has a high success rate, it does take some time to see the full effects. Hair regrowth is not something that happens overnight, so patience really is the key.

Although Rogaine Foam starts to work immediately in preventing further hair loss, it can take a few months to see notable hair regrowth. However, some users have seen Rogaine foam results much sooner.

Rogaine Foam Reviews Conclusion

The general feedback from users of Rogaine foam is very encouraging. It is also clinically proven to regrow hair and is an FDA approved hair loss treatment. Based on all of this Rogaine foam is definitely a product you should consider if you are serious about treating your hair loss.

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Rogaine Foam Review Testimonials

What Customers Say

Consumer Rogaine Foam Review 1: Menace690

“This works, and it works fast. I noticed a difference in about two weeks. After two months it is like I never lost any hair.”

Consumer Rogaine Foam Review 2: John Techguy

“It is effective. The effectiveness of Minoxidil has been scientifically proven. The foam version is easier to apply as it doesn't run.”

Consumer Rogaine Foam Review 3: Juantanamera06

“Since using the product I have seen new hairs growing. My hair does not seem to be thinning any more. The foam is awesome because I don't get the itching and irritation I got with the liquid version.”

Consumer Rogaine Foam Review 4: waziadie

“Rogaine foam is excellent. I have been using it for four months and saw results almost immediately.” 

Consumer Rogaine Foam Review 5: Suzanne A

“This works. The hair loss eased a LOT in one week.”

What the Experts Say

Expert Rogaine Foam Review 1: Dr. DJ Verret (Hair Loss Expert featured on CBS 11 Television)

“For guys there are medications like Minoxidil that men should use when they start to notice the loss so that they can slow or stop it over the long term because unfortunately once you have gotten a lot of loss then you're looking at a transplant, shaving your head, or some kind of hair replacement system. The drugs actually work, now they may regrow hair but the key to using them is to use them to slow or stop the loss. You have to use them for at least 2-3 months to see a result.”

Expert Rogaine Foam Review 2: Dr. Alan Bauman (Hair Restoration Physician featured on The Early Show)

“It was the first FDA approved drug for hair loss. It does work, we are talking about prevention here mainly; 70% of guys are going to get a good response from the medication if they use it consistently. Most people give up the preventative treatments before they see the results from them, so you have got to give it months, maybe 6 months if you are looking in the mirror. It takes a lot of time to see results and you have got to be monitoring it carefully.”

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