Biotin Side Effects Review

biotin-side-effects3 starsBiotin Side Effects Review

Are there any Biotin side effects? Does Biotin work? What is Biotin good for? We have collated information from existing Biotin reviews and have outlined the facts below.


What is Biotin

Biotin is also known as Vitamin H or Vitamin B7, and although it is available in a variety of foods, there are very few rich sources of it. Such Biotin food sources include liver and raw egg yolk. People generally buy Biotin supplements as it is well known for being beneficial for the hair and nails.

Biotin and Hair Loss

Biotin deficiency symptoms include hair loss and nails that break, flake or chip easily. Biotin supplements are widely available, and you can also find Biotin shampoo although it would be less effective since Biotin is not absorbed well through the skin.

Side Effects of Biotin

As with most medicines, there are some possible Biotin side effects. Some users have reported in their Biotin reviews experiencing acne breakouts while taking it. This seems to be the case with high strengths of Biotin. However, users that experienced Biotin side effects in the form of acne breakouts switched to a lower strength of Biotin which solved the problem.biotin-reviews

If you are someone that suffers from acne then it would be best to start off on a lower potency of Biotin if you are concerned about this, such as Biotin 1000 mcg.

These Biotin side effects do not affect everyone however, and generally do not stop users from giving it a try, especially since it is inexpensive to purchase.

Benefits of Biotin: Does Biotin help Hair Growth?

What is Biotin good for? While using Biotin, users have reported in their Biotin reviews experiencing stronger nails, faster growing hair and nails, improved hair and skin condition, increased energy, thicker and longer hair, and some have even reported less hair shedding.

Healthier nails and stronger and thicker hair may be observed within several months of use, although users generally report seeing results sooner in their Biotin reviews.

Some users have mentioned using Biotin in conjunction with hair loss treatments like the HairMax LaserComb.

Biotin Side Effects Review Conclusion

Based on the user feedback from Biotin reviews and the Biotin results being reported, Biotin seems like a good supplement for those with thinning hair. It is relatively inexpensive and quick and easy to take, and therefore would be great to use together with other types of hair loss treatments. However, Biotin alone is not enough to stop hair loss.

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Biotin Reviews Testimonials

What Customers Say

Consumer Biotin Reviews 1: Dr. Neda (nymd26)

“I have had a problem with my thin hair basically my whole life and I've always wanted my hair to be thicker and fuller and shinier. So I learned about this and it is a great supplement. I've been taking it now I'd say for about a month and you will definitely notice a difference after a few weeks. My hair is definitely a lot shinier than it was before, and you will notice that your hair falls out less, as well as the quality, it just feels softer as well.

In addition to Biotin being really good for hair, which is the primary reason why I really wanted to try it, it is really good if you have brittle nails that chip a lot because it will make your nails chip a lot less. They will grow faster, and with hair also I have heard that it helps your hair grow a little faster, but I haven't been taking it long enough to know.

One of the things just to give you a little background about Biotin. It is a water soluble vitamin. So even though in your multi-vitamins, if you check the bottle of whatever multi-vitamins you are taking, you will see there is biotin in it, but it is only 30 micro-grams (mcg). The Biotin I am taking is 1000 micro-grams (mcg). So even though multi-vitamins have Biotin, it is really not enough to help your hair in the way that we want it to help. So that is why you want to buy it separately.

The dosage I recommend is to take 3 of these tablets, so that is 3000 micro-grams (mcg) and the dosage is completely safe. The pills are very easy to swallow.”

Consumer Biotin Reviews 2: Regina (lano1972able)

“I had a bad experience with a perm, so I tried Biotin. It's 5000 mcg, and I take this once a day. Biotin helps promote the health of skin, hair and nails, and it actually worked for me. Some people have said that they breakout when taking Biotin but my skin is clear. When I first got the perm that damaged my hair, my hair started to shed around the front and thin out. But now with the Biotin I have hair coming back in, so everything is growing again. I have been taking it consistently for about 90 days, and it is really growing my hair so it is a good product. I started out taking a low potency of Biotin and when I saw that it was okay with me I started to take the 5000 mcg.”

Consumer Biotin Reviews 3: Denice Z

“My hair is much healthier and stronger after taking these every day, and it doesn't fall out as much as before!”

Consumer Biotin Reviews 4: Saimaa

“I was told that this would help prevent hair fall by my dermatologist. After using it for about 1 week now I have noticed my hair is not shedding as much.”

Consumer Biotin Reviews 5: MarMcK

“This does wonders. It strengthens my nails and hair, cleans up my blemishes and it appears to smooth out my cellulite.”

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