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Eyebrow hair loss is another type of hair loss that women in particular may experience. LiBrow is a product that has emerged for treating this problem. Get Your LiBrow!

So does LiBrow work? We have collated feedback from existing customers LiBrow reviews and have outlined the facts for you below so that you can make informed purchasing decisions.

What is LiBrow

LiBrow, or Li Brow, is a product available for those that want to grow thicker and fuller eyebrows. This typically includes, but is not limited to, those that have suffered from eyebrow hair loss due to over-plucking. In this context, it is sometimes referred to as an eyebrow growth stimulator.

LiBrow ingredients

LiBrow is a non-prescription eyebrow serum that conditions and strengthens eyebrow hair follicles while also mildly darkening the eyebrow hair with a special tinting agent part of the LiBrow ingredients.

LiBrow's eyebrow tinting agent is made up of natural botanicals which darken the eyebrows by enhancing the pigment of your hair colour. Typically eyebrows will become one to two shades darker through use of the tinting agent which gives the brows more visually appealing definition.

The product is designed to give youthful, thick and natural eyebrows to those that have thin, sparse and patchy eyebrows as a result of years of eyebrow trends typically in the form of over-plucking.

How to use LiBrow

The product is simple and easy to use, and although it is aimed at women, male users have also reported good LiBrow before and after results.
Get Your LiBrow!
It requires daily application, and you simply use the applicator to apply it below the arch of each eyebrow in the sparse and thin areas. It only takes a couple of minutes to dry and then you can apply your typical routine cosmetics.

Some users report in their LiBrow reviews that the product lasts around 5 months with daily application. Once the desired eyebrow fullness is reached, you only need to use the product at most twice a week as maintenance and hence this drives down the cost of the product as it will last for 12 months.

LiBrow Side Effects?

Users generally do not report experiencing any side effects in their LiBrow reviews. However, due to the nature of the product, minor skin irritation could be a possibility if applied incorrectly or if you have sensitive skin.

LiBrow Before and After Results: Does LiBrow really work?

While using the product, users reported experiencing: darker, fuller and thicker eyebrows; thin areas filling in with new hair growth; and generally improved and nicer looking eyebrows that gave them more confidence and a better appearance. Some users reported being able to now leave the house without the need for applying much eyebrow makeup, or in some cases none at all. librow-before-and-after

It is said to take around 4-6 weeks to see LiBrow results. However, many users reported in their LiBrow reviews seeing results sooner, and in some cases even in less than 2 weeks. Once the desired thickness and fullness of the eyebrows is reached, you simply need to apply it only once or twice a week as maintenance.

LiBrow Reviews Conclusion

LiBrow comes highly recommended by its users and the LiBrow before and after results being reported by those that buy LiBrow are very encouraging to say the least. It seems to have a very high success rate amongst its users and appears to do exactly what it says it does. Feel free to share the information on this page with others via the social share buttons on the left. Try-it-Today

LiBrow Reviews Testimonials

What Customers Say

Consumer LiBrow Reviews 1: Vinny

“It works but you have to be patient. It took about 2 months for me to notice my eyebrows becoming thicker.”

Consumer LiBrow Reviews 2: Ntrlvr

“After two and a half months my eyebrows that are growing are dark as they should be. Other products I tried did not give me results like I have seen with LiBrow.”

Consumer LiBrow Reviews 3: Lisa L.

“I saw a difference after applying it once per day for about three weeks. Now I only use it a few times a week as maintenance.”

Consumer LiBrow Reviews 4: Oxfordjasmine

“I have been growing the sides for what seems like forever because I had a bad waxing experience where someone took the whole thing off, and after using LiBrow for a few weeks it is back, it is fantastic. It has thickened up the sides because before it was really sparse along the sides. So I am very pleased. I use it before I go to bed and it is important to use it before you put any moisturiser on because you don't want an oily barrier preventing this stuff from getting into your skin. The only downside is that it is a bit itchy if you are sensitive, but I have seen good enough results that I am happy.”

Consumer LiBrow Reviews 5: Sharon E Volpe

“I have tried other products so I was sceptical. But I have been using if for a month and overall it is very good.”

What the Experts Say

Expert Review: Dr. DJ Verret (Hair Loss Expert featured on KAMR 4)

“Hair loss can affect women; it is not as patterned as it is in men. The other thing that effects women more often than men is , or at least they are bothered by it more, is eyebrow loss and eyelash loss. Fortunately there are a couple of treatments recently for women. Women with eyebrow loss is most of the time due to over-plucking actually, it can damage the eyebrows so they don't grow.”

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